Invisible Exhibition offers a teambuilding programme for both small and larger companies

This time it is not only about an exhibition but also about a real training, experience and adventure. Our visually impaired guides will assist you at completing tasks that will await you in the “visible” and “invisible” environment. The necessity to sort things out in a creative way and finding new approaches, together with staying out of the work environment, will remarkably contribute to strengthening relationships within a team.

If somebody temporarily loses his/her sight, it leads to completely new situations among members of a group; their mutual relationships develop more quickly and intensely. Fear of performing in front of people is broken in the dark; the participants are more tolerant and patient to each other which can last out back to the work environment. We meet disabled people every day but the opportunity to being like one for a few moments can bring us a whole-life experience.

For smaller teambuilding events there is space at Invisible Exhibition itself: we offer you to organize an Invisible meeting, business meeting in an unconventional place or to book for your clients and employees an Invisible wine-tasting of selected Hungarian wines.

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