If you are led by senses…

If you are led by senses…

If you are led by senses… 150 150 k.simon

The Invisible Exhibition has been open at the New Town City Hall for three and a half years.

Here you can go through a unique interactive journey to an invisible world where in total darkness you find your way out only by touch, sounds and scent.

During more than 3 years the exhibition was visited by more than 123 000 people – individuals, families and students of various grades. Every visitor is guided by a visually impaired guide that helps him make it through the exhibition; tells him how to move; how not to get lost; how the visually impaired people deal with everyday situations. At the other venue of the exhibition, devices and objects are shown which are used by blind people at home or at school (scales, Braille typewriter etc.).

If you have already visited the exhibition, you can still come back and try something new. Every Wednesday at 7 p.m., an advanced tour enters the darkness – a little longer and more demanding.

If you want to occupy your senses of taste and smell, you are warmly invited to Invisible Wine Tasting and Invisible Dinner. Tastes and aromas of exclusive Hungarian wines and delicious food can be tried once or twice each month; for groups of 8 people and more we can prepare these events also in other days.

Within the premises of the exhibition there is also a massage room where the visually impaired therapists offer relaxing or refreshing massage in total darkness.

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